Short Film Award

Silver Prize

Color and Light (1927–1990)

Tomoyuki Abe



In an era overflowing with information, where global recognition or fame is the only way to be perceived as having any value, I enlisted the help of two artists to express that the true value lies in originally conceived ideas and heart-moving creations, and such value should be presented in the most clever way possible to the best of one's ability. It is there that the heart dwells, surpassing time, gender, life, and death to feel emotion. Is that not the very nature of hope? Such were my thoughts going into this film. The first half uses monochrome and a narrow angle of view to depict Fukuen while Fukuen was alive and yet misunderstood, spiraling into a gloom of pain and sorrow. The latter half uses colors and a wide angle of view to depict Seno speaking well of Fukuen's works and revealing how the heart and soul that Fukuen put into those works was received and understood. Lastly, the part where Seno is shooting is layered with Fukuen's natural voice is something I put in because, even if only inside a work of fiction, I wanted to depict the two of them together.


Nice to meet you! I’m Tomoyuki Abe, and I’m a photographer that goes by the name “seiritu”. Winning this award is a big self-confidence boost for me. Just as Jill Furmanovsky said, it is “a green light saying ‘Yes!’”. I feel like I’ve been told I can continue down this path without hesitation. The subjects of my work, Fukuen and Fumika Seno, both have homepages. Please visit them! Fukuen: Fumika Seno: I was only able to complete this work with the support of my grandfather and grandmother, my parents, my brother and his family, my own family, and many of my friends. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I want to make the most of this opportunity and continue my efforts to create even better pieces. Thank you all so much! See you again! My homepage: Instagram: