Nikon Photo Contest 2020-2021

Photo Competition Next Generation Category

Excellence Award

Karwaan Bazaar

Shahriar Amin Fahim



In the COVID-19 pandemic situation, I was shooting or covering the every event whatever it's like. So, in the rainy season whenever heavy rainfall occurs, the karwan Bazaar market situated in Dhaka is just water logged for like one day almost. So, I did go there to click some photos & found this extraordinary frame where the tailor was really dedicated with his work done.


This photo is basically represents the harsh reality of the capital city Dhaka, Bangladesh. Whereas it is so called the future mega city worldwide where there will be tall skyscrapers & all the facilities of today's best accomplishment. But there are very unfortunate urbanisation in the streets of Dhaka or in extent to the whole city. Whenever heavy rainfall caused in Dhaka city, there are many roads & places around the city where the waterlogged impact does occurs. Dramatically this photo is presenting the bad urban planning as well as the scenario where the city dwellers are becoming used to it. This photo is also representing the environmental issues will cause Bangladeshi future as we know a large area of the country will be drowned & will lost forever for the global warming situation & the rise of the sea level impact in near future. Again, the caption ”Karwaan Bazaar” is the place where this photo was taken. This place or this market is really old site for Dhaka city as it is one of the oldest & largest vegetable market in the capital city. However, this year theme was ”passion” for the next generation photo contest & I could relate this photo could be more useful by this theme as the tailor of this photo was really passionate about his profession & does know how to survive in any weather conditions or in any means.