Nikon Photo Contest 2018 - 2019 Judge

小高 美穂/Miho Odaka

Photo Curator

When I served as a judge in the previous contest, I saw a lot of works which were submitted in the contest under the theme of “Celebration” and “Future” from all over the world. At the same time, I felt the reality of the society and the people’s feelings around the world through those photographs.

Since all the aspects, not only natural environment or social conditions, are now in a time of great change in the world, “Identity” and “Change” are pressing themes. This time also, I will try to work through that through photographs and think with you.


Miho Odaka moved to the U.K. after graduating from Sophia University's Department of English Literature. She earned her Master's degree from Falmouth College of Arts, Institute of Photography. She gained her independence after working as an advertising photo editor and working at photo galleries planning exhibitions and selling pieces. She is currently involved in a variety of projects that connect Japan and the world in the field of photography, including photo exhibitions, exhibition curation for film festivals, coordinating exhibitions, artist management and instruction, and writing.
The highlights of her work include coordinating the Mario Giacomelli Exhibition—The Black is Waiting for White (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, 2013), the Photography Now! exhibition (IMA Gallery, 2014) and the Tokyo stop of the Prix Pictet Space international exhibition in 2017, and curating the 2015 Tokyo International Photography Festival.