Nikon Photo Contest 2018 - 2019 Judge

Gisli Snaer

Director & CEO of the London Film School

I’m very proud to be associated with an aspirational community that shares important stories through filmmaking and wants to support and influence the way people share their vision of the world.

Film has the power to reflect our nature, informing us who we are as people and individuals. It’s a source of inspiration, prompting us to grow into mature human beings, and has the power to bridge geopolitical boundaries and unite continents. Whilst consuming films has become a common act, it hasn’t lost its magic of capturing life itself. Through the eyes of a talented filmmaker, film has the ability to observing lives through the lens, helping us identify and negotiate our very own memories, emotions and existence.

I believe that films can capture our humanity and bring us the ability to empathise, be compassionate, and understand others as well as ourselves.


Gisli Snaer works as Director and CEO of the London Film School. He is a graduate of the La Fémis film and television school in Paris.
Snaer is an Associate Member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), and has served as a member of a number of international juries, including that of the 2002 Berlin International Film Festival Kinderfilmfest, the Singapore Creative Video Competition 2011, and the BAFTA recognized 2017 Aesthetica Short Film Festival in U.K., as well as a Head Jury for the Asian European Foundation photo competition 2015, On The Go.
He is a member of the European Film Academy, the Royal Television Society, the Directors Guild of Iceland, and the Federation of European Film Directors.