Nikon Photo Contest 2018 - 2019 Judge

Nadia Meli

Photographer/Nikon Ambassador

Identity, change and hope are human conditions that connect us all, no matter where we come from and no matter our circumstances.

Photography is such a powerful tool to explore life, to see it and understand it and I cannot wait to see the beauty you will create.


Nadia Meli was born in Sicily in 1985. She began taking photos when she was a university student, and began her photography business immediately after graduating in 2010. She quickly began on her path as a wedding photographer. She is a self-taught photographer who has photographed many weddings, primarily across Europe. Her works have been published in photo books and wedding magazines known around the world, and her uniquely natural photographic style has been extremely well received. Since 2015, she has taught workshops and online courses, helping photographers to find their own artistic voice and style.