Nikon Photo Contest 2018 - 2019 Judge

Parker Fitzgerald


I’m looking forward to being taught by youーby your photos, by the kinds of things that you are capturing.And I’m looking forward to being inspired by those things. I really want to encourage you to just trying surprise yourself, that’s the best kind of photo I think is that the photo that surprises the Photographer. Those are the kind of photos that I’m looking forward to seeing, and that’s the challenge I’m giving you.


Parker Fitzgerald works as the creative director of Ransom Limited, a design agency in Portland, Oregon that he co-founded with his brother, creating advertising photos for well-known fashion brands. His photographic style has often been described as evoking a quiet strength. He is perhaps best known for his editorial work with Copenhagen-based Kinfolk magazine. Fitzgerald has imaged numerous commercials and campaigns for clients in a variety of fields primarily centered around lifestyle.